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Publicate Trello Powerup

Whats all this about then?

Some huge news from the Trello camp today… they have just announced that they are making PowerUps available to all Trello users, including the Publicate Trello Powerup!
Previously PowerUps were only available on the Business Class plans, but as of today they are now available to EVERYONE on ALL plans.

To celebrate this announcement from Trello, we have been busy updating the Publicate Trello PowerUp with some exciting new features.

In this post we’ll take a look at the functionality of V2.0 of the Publicate Trello PowerUp, what you can use it for and how it will make your workflow even more efficient.

What is Trello?

If you are not familiar with Trello, it is one of the, if not THE most popular project management tools online. It really helps you get stuff done.
Whether you are working alone and need a place to plan and prioritise all of your tasks, or are collaborating on bigger projects as a team, Trello will help you work more efficiently.

We are avid users of Trello here at Publicate, and use it for everything from product management to marketing to personal to dos.

Using Trello and Publicate

The Publicate Trello PowerUp brings together the two worlds of content curation, and being organised to get shit done. Which is why it is an awesome match.

It creates a seamless bridge between the curated content assets you are creating, like Client Newsletters, Email Newsletters, Weekly Industry Roundups etc. and the processes and collaboration that you need to work well.

Let’s take a look at how the integration would work with creating a Industry Roundup Newsletter;


A well curated Industry Roundup Newsletter to send to our mailing list and clients.


It shows we understand our customers industry, and gives us a chance to add our own voice and insight to some of the key events. It also keeps us in their thoughts, hopefully leading to further business.


Here is a breakdown of the tasks that need to be completed to create the Industry News Roundup Newsletter;  

  • Curate relevant content into a folder in Publicate
  • Review all curated content as a team, select which ones make the cut and decide on which to add our own insight and opinion too
  • Write up opinion pieces for review
  • Review and final approval of opinion pieces
  • Create Industry Roundup Newsletter in Publicate
  • Review and approaval of final newsletter
  • Send to mailing list

Bringing everything in this flow into one place, seamlessly

To do that, firstly create a card in Trello for the Industry Roundup Newsletter. This will be the single point where all of the assets, tasks and communication is focused.
Then Create a to do list in the card of all of the tasks that need to be completed;

Publicate Trello Powerup Process to do's
Create a second to do list and add each piece of content that you are going to add your own insight to.

Publicate Trello Powerup Content to add insight to checklistCreate and attach a Google doc to write the opinion and insight copy for each piece of content from the above list.

Publicate Trello Powerup Insight and opinion copyOnce approved, create the Industry Roundup newsletter in Publicate, adding the content and the insight.

Publicate Trello Powerup Creating Industry news roundup

Then, using the Publicate Trello PowerUp, search for the Industry News Roundup, and add it to the Trello card for final review.
Adding it directly to the card with the Publicate Trello PowerUp means that you get a preview of the newsletter and quick access to the final newsletter in the editor, if any changes need to be made. All from within Trello.

Publicate Trello Powerup in action
Now everything is in one place, making it super easy for you and your team to collaborate and feedback on each step of the process. Which means you can work faster, spend less time switching between tools, and keeping conversation in one place.

Overall, you have more time to create something of quality.

What is in the Publicate Trello PowerUp V2

  • Attach an email newsletter or web roundup to a card by link, or searching through your library directly from Trello with the search feature.
  • Preview the Publication without leaving Trello, with the new scrolling preview feature. Just hold your mouse over the cover image to scroll.
  • Go straight to the finished Publication from the card. Just click View Publication.
  • Open the Publicate editor with your newsletter ready loaded to make instant changes, straight from the Trello card. Just click on Edit Publication

What else could I create with the Publicate Trello PowerUp

There are tons of things that you can create and send to your clients, or share with your team internally. We have created an extensive list here. All of which you can manage and collaborate with your team on, using the Publicate Trello PowerUp.

How To Get The Publicate Trello PowerUp

All you need to do is create a board in a team in Trello, then just click on the menu in that board, and click on PowerUps.

Publicate Trello PowerUp Menu

Once you have access to the PowerUps, find the Publicate Trello PowerUp and click “Enable”

Publicate Trello PowerUp List

You will then see the Publicate button in every card on that board. To attach a newsletter or web roundup, you can either paste the link in and add, or just search and select the title of the Publication from the auto populated list.

In Summary…

  • Trello is a fantastic tool for you and your team to work collaboratively on projects. It brings together all of the elements you need to get the job done, into one place and makes it easy to have a conversation around it.
  • The Publicate Trello PowerUp brings the power of collaborative project management to creating curated content marketing assets like Email Newsletters, Industry News Roundups, Client Newsletters and so much more.
  • The Publicate Trello PowerUp will help you and your team streamline your curated content marketing efforts, saving you time and effort, helping you to focus on creating great newsletters and roundups.
  • You can get the integration set up and start benefitting from it in a couple of clicks.

We will be adding more and more improvements to the PowerUp as time goes, so let us know any you can think of, and we would love to hear how you are using it in the comments below.

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