21 Must-Read Blogs to Upgrade Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing is coming of age. There’s been a ton of great blogs teaching content marketing over the years, but a few are rising up and challenging the old mainstays to become the best resources for content marketers today.

This post showcases the very best content marketing blogs today, and why we love them so much. First, let’s take a quick look at what makes a great content marketing blog today.

Our criteria for “Must-Read” Content Marketing Blogs

One blog post topic that is not very original in content marketing is, well, this one. Just Google “content marketing blogs”, and you’ll see dozens of listicles on the topic.

To differentiate, this post focuses on truly must-read content marketing blogs. We at Publicate vouch for these blogs, recommend you add them to your Feedly immediately, and start reading every post. They’re that good.

With that said, here is our criteria for what we believe makes a great, modern content marketing blog:

  • Uniquely valuable topics – Topics are positioned creatively and are not complete regurgitations of topics that have been written on a thousand times over already.
  • Has a personal voice – Posts are often more engaging, and share personal accounts on how they, a fellow content marketer, solved a content marketing problem.
  • You always learn something new – There is always at least one key takeaway in everything they share that provides new or unique insight, no matter your experience.
  • Go above and beyond with value –  Are you compelled to say “Thank you!” after reading their posts? You’d pay for the content, but it’s offered for free.
  • Research and data as a core value – Statements are backed up with examples or cold hard data. They do the work to build trust with their audience, and offer unique value.
  • Modern formatting and lots of visuals – A focus on content readability, and keeping readers engaged by breaking up walls of text with visuals and short paragraphs.

Without further ado, here are our favorite content marketing blogs that follow all or most of the criteria above.

21 Content Marketing Blogs We Follow Religiously
(And Why You Should Too)

In no particular order…

1. BoostBlogTraffic.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.20.30 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

This content marketing blog was started by Jon Morrow, previously the associate editor of Copyblogger, and is focused on helping bloggers get more readers, become an authority, and capture attention with their writing. Every post has a unique and engaging writing style designed to get readers reading posts to completion. Read even one of their posts, and you’ll likely become hooked.

Post with most social shares:

How to Get Interviewed by Popular Blogs (Even If You’re Not a Big Shot)

Facebook – 712 shares, LinkedIn – 934 shares, Twitter – 3.6k tweets, Google – 634 shares,
Total – 5.9k

Average social shares per post: 701


2. blog.bufferapp.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.25.40 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Buffer is simply the best.  Literally every single post from Content Crafters Courtney Seiter, Kevan Lee, and their myriad of contributors is worthy of a bookmark.  They might be the most successful example of a content marketing blog that consistently nails all six of the criteria. I can honestly say I’ve never walked away from a Buffer post without learning something new.  It’s no wonder that every single post they produce garners thousands of social shares and a robust comments section!

Post with most social shares:

New Research: The Best Time to Tweet for Clicks, Retweets, and Replies

Facebook – 3.2k shares, LinkedIn – 2.0k shares, Twitter – 6.7k tweets, Pinterest – 395 pins, Google – 747 shares, Total – 13.1k

Average social shares per post: 2.9k


3. coschedule.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.30.07 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Over the past year or so, CoSchedule’s content marketing blog has burst onto the scene to become a heavy hitting resource in their content marketing world. They always feature incredibly well-researched, in-depth articles, and their focus on formatting and design always shines. Co-Founder Garrett Moon is still a frequent contributor and his posts are always excellent. They hit all six of our criteria and are always a must read for us!

Post with most social shares:

Why People Share: The Psychology of Social Sharing – CoSchedule

Facebook – 1.0k shares, LinkedIn – 698 shares, Twitter – 7.6k tweets, Pinterest – 99 pins, Google – 680 shares, Total – 10.1k

Average social shares per post: 672


4. blog.hubspot.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.41.01 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

HubSpot and their founder Dharmesh Shah is one (if not the definitive) pioneer of inbound marketing. Their content marketing blog posts are informative and always leave you with something new to try out. Due to their size, they are able to cover a broad range of topics with precision and authority.

Post with most social shares:

How Responsive Web Design Works [Infographic]

Facebook – 901 shares, LinkedIn – 791 shares, Twitter – 6.6k tweets, Pinterest – 12.7k pins, Google – 1.0k shares, Total – 22.0k

Average social shares per post: 1.6k

5. Copyblogger.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.43.41 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

In 2006, pioneer of online teaching, Brian Clark launched Copyblogger. Today, they are one of the few “last-word” sources in content marketing. While they do focus on copywriting heavily, they also have incredible information.  They have also been a leader in introducing the concept of gated content communities and membership site. We love their tone, design, and their content marketing posts are always valuable and on-point, not to mention their vast (and FREE) resource library.

Post with most social shares:

Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page – Copyblogger

Facebook – 4.9k shares, LinkedIn – 1.3k shares, Twitter – 6.0k tweets, Pinterest – 95 pins,

Google – 1.7k shares, Total – 14.0k

Average social shares per post: 721


6. moz.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.45.54 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

The Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin and his team are industry leaders in the SEO space. MOZ has built up an wonderfully active community (Be sure to always check out the comments section of their posts!). Their user-interaction has been so amazing that it has even spawned YouMOZ – “…an SEO and online marketing blog created by the readers of Moz. Anyone can post, and the best submissions are promoted to the main Moz Blog.” Both outlets are high quality and are required additions to your Feedly.

Post with most social shares:

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0

Facebook – 2.4k shares, LinkedIn – 1.3k shares, Twitter – 5.9k tweets, Pinterest – 99 pins,

Google – 5.4k shares, Total – 15.1k

Average social shares per post: 2.4k


7. Backlinko.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.47.17 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Brian Dean is the man behind Backlinko. His content marketing blog is an excellent mix of SEO tips along with data-backed content marketing advice. Brian might be most well known as the first to articulate the skyscraper technique but everything here is extremely actionable and engaging.  

Post with most social shares:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques: The Complete List

Facebook – 834 shares, LinkedIn – 1.2k shares, Twitter – 3.4k tweets, Pinterest – 1 pin, Google – 466 shares, Total – 5.9k

Average social shares per post: 1315


8. Buzzsumo.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.48.43 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

You may already know just how awesome BuzzSumo is. (If you aren’t familiar, I highly recommend you sign-up for their free trial) What many people may not know is how awesome their blog is. They have high-quality content marketing, social media, content sharing advice and more and are always a refreshing read.

Post with most social shares:

13 Experts on How To Promote Content Before Hitting Publish

Facebook -545 shares, LinkedIn – 1.0k shares, Twitter – 3.2k shares, Google – 290 shares,

Total – 5.1k

Average social shares per post: 382


9. Unbounce.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.52.05 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

If you’re looking for the most entertaining content marketing blog on our list, Unbounce might just be the winner. Oli Gardner and his content team have done an awesome job putting together in-depth resources on conversion and landing page optimization. They continually produce excellent content and mix in a wonderful array of guest bloggers as well.

Post with most social shares:

How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy for More Leads

Facebook -601 shares, LinkedIn – 970 shares, Twitter – 4.3k tweets, Google – 325 shares,

Total – 6.2k

Average social shares per post: 441


10. GetVero.com/resources  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.55.56 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Vero’s primary focus is on email marketing. They are very focused, but that makes them great. Their blog is fast becoming the foremost authority for email marketing case studies and optimization. If you’re looking to step-up your email marketing efforts, (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) head over there and dive in!

Post with most social shares:

20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

Facebook – 1.5k shares, LinkedIn – 1.3k shares, Twitter – 6.4k tweets, Google – 457 shares

Total – 9.6k

Average social shares per post: 245


11. DesignSchool.Canva.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.57.18 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Canva has truly changed the game for non-designers everywhere. They have single-handedly made social media and blogs better with their easy to use graphics creation tool. Their content marketing blog is just as fantastic. Their subject matter blends the lines between graphic design, social media, content marketing, and more. The variety and value they offer makes it a must read.

Post with most social shares:

Benefits of Walking: Why The Greatest Minds Take Long Walks

Facebook – 85k shares, LinkedIn – 1.9k shares, Twitter – 5.4k tweets, Pinterest – 399 pins

Google – 1.0k, Total – 93.8k

Average social shares per post: 2658


12. Marketeer.Kapost.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.59.19 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Focusing much more on the enterprise side of content marketing, Kapost’s Marketeer blog can be especially helpful if you’re working in a larger corporate setting. You can also help yourself to their catalog of free content marketing resources.

Post with most social shares:

How We Screwed Up a Brilliant Marketing Campaign

Facebook – 353 shares, LinkedIn – 204 shares, Twitter – 2.1k tweets, Google – 182 shares

Total – 3.5k

Average social shares per post: 137


13. Quicksprout.com/blog  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.00.51 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Neil Patel is one of the strongest content marketers around. As a co-founder of both CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics, his insights come from personal experiences and are always high-value. Due to his constant testing, you can always count on him to bring something fresh to the table.

Post with most social shares:

How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Me $692,500

Facebook – 9.5k shares, LinkedIn – 486 shares, Twitter – 962 tweets

Total – 11.0k

Average social shares per post: 1668


14. Contently.com/strategist  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.04.02 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Contently’s “The Content Strategist” is another site that tends to leans toward enterprise. If you’re at a larger company or stay on top of content marketing trends and strategy from a higher level, they are a prime resource.

Post with most social shares:

This Surprising Reading Level Analysis Will Change the Way You Write

Facebook – 7.4k shares, LinkedIn – 763 shares, Twitter – 1.2k tweets, Google – 283 shares

Total – 9.7k

Average social shares per post: 512


15. ContentMarketingInstitute.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.05.48 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

CMI is THE agency. They offer an endless amount of free resources and host guest posts from other content marketing writers outside of their fold. Founder Joe Pulizzi has grown the site into a prime resource for marketers looking for info on either B2B or B2C content marketing.

Post with most social shares:

How to Turn 1 Idea into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More)

Facebook – 350 shares, LinkedIn – 531, Twitter – 3.7k tweets, Google – 144 shares,

Total – 4.8k

Average social shares per post: 943


16. ConvinceAndConvert.com/category/content-marketing/  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.09.39 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Jay Behr has made his consulting agency’s content marketing blog one of the most valuable one’s on the web. Convince and Convert presents practical advice, case studies, and excellent in-depth guest posts from experts. Whether you’re a full-time content marketer or are a business owner DIY-er, you’ll want to bookmark it!

Post with most social shares:

How to Write Better Content for Social Media

Facebook – 1.0k shares, LinkedIn – 1.5k shares, Twitter – 7.7k tweets, Google – 386 shares

Total – 10.6k

Average social shares per post: 598


17. JeffBullas.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.11.27 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Jeff Bulla’s blog blends valuable content marketing advice with social media optimization. Bullas has a steady flow of guest posts on his site and has built up a strong brand with a massive backlog of content marketing resources to dive into.

Post with most social shares:

10 Ways To Create Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing

Facebook – 2.1k shares, LinkedIn – 1.6k shares, Twitter – 8.3k tweet, Pinterest – 97 pins

Google – 664 shares, Total – 12.8k

Average social shares per post: 3054


18. SujanPatel.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.21.12 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Sujan has quickly built up massive credibility as a master content marketer. He’s worked with a bunch of top brands on their content efforts and shares his experiences in this writing. He consistently creates extremely helpful content and is a valuable addition to your reading list!

Post with most social shares:

16 Killer Content Marketing Resources All Entrepreneurs Need | @SujanPatel

Facebook – 34 shares, LinkedIn – 21 shares, Twitter – 6.2k tweets, Google – 13 shares,

Total – 6.3k

Average social shares per post: 374


19. blog.contentmarketer.io feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.23.34 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

This is another blog from Sujan. He is the founder of ContentMarketer.io and somehow finds the time to produce incredible content for their company blog as well. This content marketing blog is still young, so it has less social shares than some others, but the value is high and marketers are quickly catching on to just how good it is. Sujan’s authority is undeniable and he provides actionable takeaways in every post.

Post with most social shares:

The Secret Weapon to Content Marketing: Outreach Emails | @contentmrktrapp

Facebook – 29 shares,  LinkedIn – 95 shares, Twitter – 557 tweets, Google – 24 shares,

Total – 705

Average social shares per post: 139


20. RebekahRadice.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.26.06 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Rebekah has managed to garner some stunning engagement on her content marketing blog. Rebekah leans more toward the social media side of marketing, but she is a leading voice, and the comments and conversation that take place after every single post are social proof of it.

Post with most social shares:

The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Image Sizes

Facebook – 890 shares, LinkedIn – 957 shares, Twitter – 2.0k tweets, Pinterest – 11.1k pins,

Google – 1.2k shares, Total – 16.2k

Average social shares per post: 3384


21. blog.kissmetrics.com  feedly-follow-rectangle-flat-small_2x

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.28.20 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Kissmetrics, like Buffer and Unbounce, have put a ton of time and effort into making their content deliberately excellent. With their stellar use of guest posts from rock-stars, they are a go-to for valuable info for both content marketers and startups in general.

Post with most social shares:

Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

Facebook – 416 shares, LinkedIn – 927 shares, Twitter – 7.8k tweets, Google – 272k shares,

Total – 9.7k

Average social shares per post: 1240


BONUS: 4 Blogs That Inspire Better Content Marketing

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.29.37 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Alex Turnbull, Founder and CEO of Groove, writes openly and honestly about their startup journey on their blog. His voice and tone makes this an easy and inspiring read with some takeaways that can only come from real-world experience.

Post with most social shares:

How We Got 2,000+ Customers by Doing Things That Didn’t Scale

Facebook – 304 shares, LinkedIn – 794 shares, Twitter – 7.8k tweets, Google – 158 shares,

Total – 2.5k

Average social shares per post: 201


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.30.40 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Gregory Ciotti leads content strategy HelpScout where they write primarily on customer support, business culture, and business growth. They have completely done away with lead-gating of content so all of their content is free and available to you with no catch – and it is well worth reading!

Post with most social shares:

25 Underrated Books on Persuasion, Influence, and Understanding Human Behavior

Facebook – 1.6k shares, LinkedIn – 1.0 shares, Twitter – 2.3k tweets, Google – 439 shares,

Total – 5.7k

Average social shares per post: 717


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.31.49 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Lincoln Murphy’s SaaS growth strategies blog is a go-to, especially if you’re seeking information on growth hacking or customer success. Lincoln’s rise to fame in the SaaS world can be attributed to his focus on content promotion, just as much as his stellar content. He is currently the Customer Success Evangelist for Gainsight.

Post with most social shares:

The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding

Facebook – 416  shares, LinkedIn – 1.1k shares, Twitter – 3.3k tweets, Google – 212 shares,

Total – 5.0k

Average social shares per post: 501


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.33.01 PM

What makes this blog awesome:

Joanna and Lance have put together one of the best, down-to-earth resources for writing engaging and amazing copy. They cater directly to entrepreneurs and startups and their tone is extremely accessible. In may ways, CopyHackers is the MOZ of copywriting and Joanna is its Rand Fishkin.

Post with most social shares:

The Tragedy That Was My Summer of Running A/B Tests

Facebook – 241 shares, LinkedIn – 526 shares, Twitter – 1.5k tweets, Total – 2.3k

Average social shares per post: 231

In Conclusion

So there you have it! All twenty-one of these content marketing blogs are daily reads for us and we highly encourage you add them to your own reading list as well. If you use Feedly, you can subscribe to their feeds by clicking on the buttons above.

What are some of your favorite content marketing blogs? If we’ve missed any other great ones, let us know in the comments!

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    I am following many of them, sure — a few have yet to be in the list yet. Adding them to my daily must-read and thanks for sharing!


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