10 Shortcuts To Deliver Expert Content Marketing With Ease

10 Shortcuts to Deliver Expert Content Marketing With Ease

Consumers are demanding more content, and you’re running out of time to give it to them. Research collected by the Content Marketing Institute says: 80 percent of millennials want content created for them 70 percent of consumers bond with companies via content Half the time people spend online is spent engaging with custom content They […]

How to Create Valuable Visual Content

If you’re not using graphics and visual content – you’re really missing out. The numbers don’t lie: Content can generate up to 94% more views when it includes visual elements. Engagements can increase by 37% with visual elements. Visuals generate 65% more engagement on Facebook campaigns after a month’s use. (via Digital Marketing Philippines & […]

Getting The Most Out of Blogging

We all know that blogging is a crucial component to any content marketing strategy. But, the road to producing high-quality resources on a consistent basis is a bumpy one. In this weeks edition of Content Hacker Weekly, we take a look at how some of the most successful content marketers have tackled the challenge and turned their […]

7 Lessons From Analyzing 30 Top Content Marketing Resources

Every day our team discusses (in Slack) a new piece of content that can us move faster and deliver more value. Lately, we‘ve been focusing on the topic of content marketing. Growthhackers.com and Inbound.org have been amazing resources for uncovering the top content marketing resources of the day. The individual posts we find from these […]

5 Resources For Better Content Curation & Recycling

Whether you’re scouring the web for fresh ideas, or trying to create a new lead magnet, curation and repurposing content are two strategies you can return to over and over again. For this week’s edition of Content Hacker Weekly, we’ve gathered five of our favorite resources to help you get the most out of curation […]

5 Resources for Effective Content Promotion

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect article. You’ve combed over every last bullet-point, keyword, and graphic. It’s finally time to hit “Publish” and the real challenge is about to begin – making sure your content gets noticed. In this week’s Content Hacker Weekly, we bring you the best strategies to ensure you get the most […]

21 Must-Read Blogs to Upgrade Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is coming of age. There’s been a ton of great blogs teaching content marketing over the years, but a few are rising up and challenging the old mainstays to become the best resources for content marketers today. This post showcases the very best content marketing blogs today, and why we love them so […]