How to Turn Content in Pocket Into Content Marketing Assets

We all know that the web is loaded with content that calls out for attention every single day… Which is exactly why it’s a good thing there are tools like Pocket to make saving the best content super easy manage. But once you have been using Pocket for a while and you have built a […]

How to Curate Content as a Team with Slack and Publicate

If your team is anything like us on Slack then everyday you are sharing lots of really valuable content amongst yourselves, but… what happens to that content once it’s been shared amongst the team, what action is taken? Probably very little, but surely if your team is finding all this content valuable then so to […]

How to Turn Feedly RSS Feeds Into Content Marketing Assets

Feedly is a must-have product for content marketers (and really anyone) that wants to keep up to date with the latest content from all their favourite sites in one place. These days though, simply sharing awesome content isn’t enough. Content marketers need need to add value to the content they share, and use it to […]

4 ways to add content to Publicate

One of the biggest problems for marketing teams and content marketers is that content is in all formats; articles, blogs, links, white papers, eBooks, presentations, videos etc, and this is spread out across teams, many platforms and services online and intranets, making it a challenge for marketers to easily bring together all of the right […]