Trello #PowerUpsForAll and The Publicate Trello PowerUp

Whats all this about then? Some huge news from the Trello camp today… they have just announced that they are making PowerUps available to all Trello users, including the Publicate Trello Powerup! Previously PowerUps were only available on the Business Class plans, but as of today they are now available to EVERYONE on ALL plans. To […]


Where can you find the best free stock images? Here’s the 20 best resources.

Images are a major part of content marketing, they inspire emotion, drive action and capture attention. But where can we find the right image, without having to spend money, or end up in a legal row over copyright? Luckily some amazing websites have come to the rescue, offering millions of royalty free, free to use, […]


Publicate has partnered with Reach Digital to extend our reach in South Africa

  I have some exciting news: Publicate has partnered with Reach Digital to expand our reach and service into South Africa! Being born in South Africa myself, every time I see a new South African company sign up to Publicate it makes my heart smile, so I am very proud to announce this partnership and look […]


What Image Sizes Should I use on Publicate

One of the common questions that we get from customers is; “what Image sizes should I be uploading into my Publications?” So we thought we would create this helpful guide to refer back to anytime you need. Note: You can use images smaller than recommended, but if the images are too small you may get pixelation, […]


Introducing the Publicate Trello Power Up

We are very excited to announce that over the last few months we have been working closely with Trello to create a Publicate Trello Power Up, and it is NOW LIVE! Why is this big? Well, any avid Trello user will tell you that Trello is a fantastic project management tool that actually helps you get […]

10 Shortcuts To Deliver Expert Content Marketing With Ease

10 Shortcuts to Deliver Expert Content Marketing With Ease

Consumers are demanding more content, and you’re running out of time to give it to them. Research collected by the Content Marketing Institute says: 80 percent of millennials want content created for them 70 percent of consumers bond with companies via content Half the time people spend online is spent engaging with custom content They […]

How to Create Valuable Visual Content

If you’re not using graphics and visual content – you’re really missing out. The numbers don’t lie: Content can generate up to 94% more views when it includes visual elements. Engagements can increase by 37% with visual elements. Visuals generate 65% more engagement on Facebook campaigns after a month’s use. (via Digital Marketing Philippines & […]