Introducing the latest Content Library Integration, Cronycle

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Today we are excited to announce Cronycle as the latest addition to the content sources that you can connect to your Publicate content library.

Cronycle is a London based curation platform that helps you to discover great content and collaborate around knowledge with your team, all in one place.

Discover & Find Great Content

Cronycle enables users to create and monitor custom content feeds from RSS and Twitter. Aggregating relevant information in one place, making it easy for you to search and discover valuable new content for your email newsletters and web roundups.

If you’re using it as a team you can also add comments, annotations and ideas to content on your boards, fostering discussion around the great content you are finding.

Turning Cronycle Boards Into Beautiful Email Newsletters & Web Roundups

When you connect Cronycle as a content source in Publicate, you can choose which (or all) of your boards you would like to sync with your Content Library.

Syncing a Cronycle board with Publicate seamlessly adds all of the content on that board to your content library, and will automatically transfer any new content that you or your team add, so it’s all ready for you to use when you are creating your next email newsletter or web roundup.

We also automatically organise all of the content into special Cronycle folders in your library, so you can easily filter the new content and find what you need.

Adding Cronycle As A Content Source

To connect Cronycle to Publicate, just click on Connect A Content Source, then click on Connect next to Cronycle, and login using your usual Cronycle login credentials.

You will then be prompted to select the boards that you want to connect to your content library. (You can also manage this later in the settings if you want to add or remove boards)

Once you have connected your board(s) content will start flowing into your library, and you will be able to see the board folders in your content library folders.

For more details on connecting Cronycle visit this help article.

Another step closer…

Our vision at Publicate is to empower the world to create beautiful, engaging content. This integration with Cronycle takes us another step closer. A huge part of the creation workflow is discovery, by connecting Cronycle with Publicate we are seamlessly bringing powerful content discovery straight into the creation process.

We’d love to know your thoughts about the new integration, and even better, share your Cronycle Publicate creations with us in the comments. (It may even end up featured on our examples page!)


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