Cronycle Publicate Integration

Introducing the latest Content Library Integration, Cronycle

Today we are excited to announce Cronycle as the latest addition to the content sources that you can connect to your Publicate content library. Cronycle is a London based curation platform that helps you to discover great content and collaborate around knowledge with your team, all in one place. Discover & Find Great Content Cronycle […]


Trello #PowerUpsForAll and The Publicate Trello PowerUp

Whats all this about then? Some huge news from the Trello camp today… they have just announced that they are making PowerUps available to all Trello users, including the Publicate Trello Powerup! Previously PowerUps were only available on the Business Class plans, but as of today they are now available to EVERYONE on ALL plans. To […]


What Image Sizes Should I use on Publicate

One of the common questions that we get from customers is; “what Image sizes should I be uploading into my Publications?” So we thought we would create this helpful guide to refer back to anytime you need. Note: You can use images smaller than recommended, but if the images are too small you may get pixelation, […]