How To Unlock The True Potential of Twitter RSS Feeds

Plus 11 Insanely Useful Tools To Use Twitter RSS Feeds With. Saving You Hours With Content Discovery and Marketing. In most circles, Twitter lists have kind of a bad rap. Of all the Twitter notifications out there, the one saying you’ve been added to a list is probably the least sexy. Lacking the reach boost of […]

Cronycle Publicate Integration

Introducing the latest Content Library Integration, Cronycle

Today we are excited to announce Cronycle as the latest addition to the content sources that you can connect to your Publicate content library. Cronycle is a London based curation platform that helps you to discover great content and collaborate around knowledge with your team, all in one place. Discover & Find Great Content Cronycle […]


The 26 Best Sources For Your Content Marketing Fix

In this post we round up 26 of the top content marketing blogs. Covering the best sources of marketing information from content, social media, email marketing, SEO, growth hacking and data and metrics.


Where can you find the best free stock images? Here’s the 20 best resources.

Images are a major part of content marketing, they inspire emotion, drive action and capture attention. But where can we find the right image, without having to spend money, or end up in a legal row over copyright? Luckily some amazing websites have come to the rescue, offering millions of royalty free, free to use, […]

5 Resources For Better Content Curation & Recycling

Whether you’re scouring the web for fresh ideas, or trying to create a new lead magnet, curation and repurposing content are two strategies you can return to over and over again. For this week’s edition of Content Hacker Weekly, we’ve gathered five of our favorite resources to help you get the most out of curation […]

21 Must-Read Blogs to Upgrade Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is coming of age. There’s been a ton of great blogs teaching content marketing over the years, but a few are rising up and challenging the old mainstays to become the best resources for content marketers today. This post showcases the very best content marketing blogs today, and why we love them so […]

The 30-Day Curated Content Creation Challenge

  What’s the challenge? Create 30 curated content assets within 30 days using Publicate. What is a “curated content asset”? Read How to Create 30 Curated Content Marketing Assets in 30 Days. It provides 30 ideas for curated content assets you can create. How to Create a Curated Publication with Publicate also provides a good […]