Where can you find the best free stock images? Here’s the 20 best resources.

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Images are a major part of content marketing, they inspire emotion, drive action and capture attention. But where can we find the right image, without having to spend money, or end up in a legal row over copyright? Luckily some amazing websites have come to the rescue, offering millions of royalty free, free to use, […]

What Image Sizes Should I use on Publicate

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One of the common questions that we get from customers is; “what Image sizes should I be uploading into my Publications?” So we thought we would create this helpful guide to refer back to anytime you need. Note: You can use images smaller than recommended, but if the images are too small you may get pixelation, […]

You asked for it…. Text formatting is here!

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You’re creating an amazing Publication, and whilst adding some fantastic insight to your content, you you think to yourself… “If only I could; Change the Font of this title Select a different Font Size for this key bit of text that I want to highlight Choose a different Font Colour so this stat really stands out […]

Publicate Browser Extension: Curate Content Across The Web

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This post gives you the full rundown of how to install the Publicate browser extension for Chrome, and why it’s the best way to curate content as you browse the web. Already convinced? Jump to the bottom of the post for step by step instructions on getting started. Why install the Publicate browser extension? Uninterrupted […]

How to Create a Curated Publication with Publicate

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  As a content marketer, you save great content you find every day. Content to share with your audience, content to read and learn from, etc.  Now, you can save content to create new content with Publicate. Using Publicate, you can turn curated content into new content marketing assets in just a few minutes. Just […]