Search for Images and GIFs for your email newsletters and web roundups – In Publicate!

   |    Inside Publicate

Creating beautiful email newsletters and weekly web roundups is now even more effortless. Introducing Publicates’ new Content Discovery tab. You can now find all of the images and GIFs you need for your email newsletters and weekly web roundups right within Publicate. All the Images Easily search through 100,000’s of high quality royalty free images right […]

Trello #PowerUpsForAll and The Publicate Trello PowerUp

   |    Inside Publicate, Product

Whats all this about then? Some huge news from the Trello camp today… they have just announced that they are making PowerUps available to all Trello users, including the Publicate Trello Powerup! Previously PowerUps were only available on the Business Class plans, but as of today they are now available to EVERYONE on ALL plans. To […]